Back in 1989, Talin created the award-winning Music-X MIDI sequencer for the Amiga. Music X eventually became one of the most well-known and popular Amiga programs. Later, Talin started work on MeV, an entirely new music sequencer designed for BeOS.

Talin summed it up this way: "The goal was to provide a user experience that was even more dynamic and powerful than that provided by Music-X, and to do so on a fast, modern and multimedia-enabled hardware/software platform."

Due to time conflicts (holding down a professional programming career while creating a major music product in your spare time isn't easy), Talin discontinued the development of MeV as a commercial application. He then offered to release the source code to the BeOS user community as open source software.

Early in 2000, the first members of the MeV team volunteered to take on the project. After demonstrating the knowledge and skill needed to create an application meeting a high standard of quality, Talin officially turned ownership of the code over to the newly-formed MeV team.