Currently MeV is a MIDI sequencer. However it is our goal create a media-independent sequencer. One of our central ideas for the future direction of MeV is total modularity when it comes to different types of media. Support for MIDI, audio and video as well as for more "esoteric" things like generative music, will each be encapsulated into plugins.

The advantage for the user is that any type of time-based content can be integrated into a single environment without losing any of the user-friendliness of dedicated tools. Obviously this is a lot of work, and will take significant time to accomplish.

Many other things will have to be done first. For example, the recording system has not yet been implemented, nor has synchronization to MTC or SMPTE. But the focus on media independence is valuable now as we design not only a great MIDI sequencer but an encompassing production environment. Keep this goal in mind as you test this preliminary version and offer suggestions.

Your suggestions are important to help us build excellent production tools. Please check out this page to find out how you can get involved with the project.