This is a preview release of MeV, an open-source MIDI sequencer for BeOS. Originally developed as a commercial application by Talin, development is now being continued by a team of developers and the code is under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

The primary intention for this release is to get valuable early feedback on the overall design and architecture of the application.

It is possible to use MeV now in a limited fashion. You can create music by drawing and editing MIDI notes and performance parameters. We will soon be adding necessary features such as the ability to record MIDI data and load standard MIDI files.

We wanted to get the program into your hands for feedback even before some of these important features were implemented. We also feel it's important to show some progress with a major BeOS open source project. Even in its current preliminary state, MeV is already a remarkable program.

We offer a friendly challenge to the teams working on other similar projects to bring out timely releases so everyone can offer input and share the excitement of forward momentum.

We are pleased to see the growing list of MIDI, audio and video software for BeOS. BeOS provides a place where multiple applications can work well together and we are encouraged to see other developers creating great tools for media production.

Enjoy MeV

- The MeV Team

This document is very preliminary. We'll eventually manage to get some real documentation done for a future release.