MeV Team Members

The MeV Team

[cell] Christopher Lenz
Currently studying Computer Sciences in Germany, and author of the VST MediaAddOn as well as co-author of Cortex, the open-source Media toolkit for BeOS.
[dwalton] Dan Walton
Also student of Computer Science, but this time in Columbus, Ohio. Author of MidiPaint and interested in new interface ideas and making strange noise (aka music).
[eamoon] Eric Moon
A software engineer at Be, Inc. and the creator of Cortex, Eric forgoes sleep to write music and ponder new sequencer concepts. He is developing a general sequencer engine called 'orca'.
[malouin] Curt Malouin
The author of ObjektSynth, a real-time modular synthesizer for BeOS. He has also written CAE optimization, order forecasting, and engine testing software for the automotive industry.
[talin] Talin
Talin is the creator of the professional Amiga Midi sequencer "Music-X", as well as the Amiga port of the Electronic Arts scoring program "Deluxe Music Construction Set." He is also the author of a number of popular games, including the 1986 title "The Faery Tale Adventure". In addition to MeV, he is currently contributing to a number of open source projects, including Anima and ScanDoc. His other interests include science fiction, history and philosophy.
[] Jamie Krutz
Jamie has beta tested, consulted and documented several MIDI, digital audio, video editing and animation programs on different platforms. He has composed and recorded music for film, television and his own CDs, and produced video and animations for corporate, local and network TV. For the past few years he's been involved with creating World Construction Set (doing interface design, testing, making videos, teaching and writing docs). For MeV, Jamie is providing valuable design input and feedback.

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