MeV Roadmap


This is an overview of when we plan to implement which features. The dates given are a just our estimation, not deadlines, and may be changed anytime. If you miss anything critical on this list, please leave a comment here.

Nov 2000
  • New user interface for destination management
  • Modular Inspector window
  • Microsecond resolution in the engine
  • De/refine API for offline/realtime filtering, add some example filter plugins.
  • Import/Export of Standard Midi File format (experimental)
Dec 2000
  • Add simple MIDI recording capabilities
  • Add more realtime/offline MIDI filter plugins
  • Add a control-change editing strip
  • Add a strip for editing tempo via a graphical envelope
Jan 2001
  • Define an add-on interface for add-ons handling specific types of media
  • Generalize the engine, making it agnostic of media type
  • Complete separation of MIDI related code into an add-on
Feb/Mar 2001
  • Refine MIDI recording capabilities
  • Add simple Audio support as a separate add-on
  • Add synchronization to MTC
  • Add an event list editor for MIDI
  • Add BParameterWeb automation
May/Jun 2001
  • Refine Audio support
  • Add a simple Score Editor for MIDI
  • Document and publish the add-on interface

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