MeV Archived News

Archived News

  • cell [12sep2000]
    Ragnar Lillemark has completed a nice product review of MeV for the StudioLab website, titled 'Going Trackless with MeV'. Because of the early state of our documentation, it currently serves as one of the best introductions to MeV. We think it is a great starting point to new users or anyone interested in MeV.

  • cell [20aug2000]
    Thanks to Pete Schultz and Atsushi Takamatsu, we now have a PPC version available for download. (Note that the current source snapshot still requires some tweaks to make it build on PPC.)

  • cell [20aug2000]
    MeV 0.8.0 Alpha 2 is now available for download. As announced, it fixes the serious bug with messed up note durations on playback and some more:
    • muting of parts implemented
    • disabled nesting of parts within themselves
    • vertical mouse position info implemented
    • better tempo control and time indicator in the transport window
    • added 2 example songs
    • other minor bug fixes
    Overall, this release should be more stable than the last, so updating is highly recommended.

  • cell [18aug2000]
    As you might have noticed, I've updated the layout of this website a bit. Also, Alpha 2 is already due in a few days, fixing a serious bug that slipped into the first release, and adding some other minor bug fixes and features.

  • cell [15aug2000]
    The release of MeV 0.8.0 Alpha 1 has finally arrived. So now please give this baby a test-run, and tell us what you think on the Users Mailing List or one of the forums.

  • cell [05aug2000]
    We are proud to announce the release of MeV 0.8.0 Alpha 1 on August 15. 'Alpha' because not all the new features and changes are totally polished and haven't been completely stress-tested yet.

    We hope to get a lot of feedback and bug reports from you. There are a number of options for this:

    And last but not least, there's a new screen shot for you to investigate...

  • cell [24jun2000]
    We now have a roadmap online, containing estimated dates for major releases and the accompanying features we plan to implement. Also, Jamie Krutz has joined our team some weeks ago to provide design input, and has now been added to the members page.

  • cell [11jun2000]
    The list of tracks has been separated from the main (assembly) window, in part to avoid confusion with the concept of tracks often found in other sequencers. In MeV, tracks correspond to patterns or sequences, and can contain events from any MIDI channel and device.

  • dwalton [09may2000]
    Today MeV was running under the new Midi Kit. I had data streaming all over the place, through transposers, through MidiOxygen to external synths, to midi monitors that I have written... and sexyist of all to ObjektSynth!

  • cell [29apr2000]
    Lots of UI fixes have gone into the changes commit today. There is still a lot to be fixed, however, and the 'draggable event' palette has vanished for now.

  • cell [25apr2000]
    Event Drawing works now with my local copy. It'll take some days until I can check the changes back in though, as a lot of cleanup is still necessary.

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