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  • cell [27jan2001]
    MeV 0.8.1 Alpha 2 has finally been released.

    Caution: The native file format has changed! You will probably not be able to load files created with version 0.8.0.

    Thanks to Peter Schultz for building the PPC version.

  • cell [12jan2001]
    We are getting closer to the next official release, containing lots of improvements and bug-fixes:
    • New Mix window with MIDI monitoring support
    • Import/Export of Standard Midi Files
    • Better window management
    • Context-sensitive mouse cursor support
    • General Midi program and drum sound names display
    • Loads of backend changes
    You can see a screenshot of this version here. We'll make a binary distribution available soon. And yes, the roadmap has slipped, a lot even, but hey, that's what roadmaps are for :P

  • cell [05nov2000]
    Sorry for the long silence folks. Originally, we planned to release a stable version with the 0.8.0 feature set quite some time ago, but that did not work out for various reasons. Nevertheless, we have been working on MeV, but most of the work has been backend coding. Some of the fundamental design elements, like the implementation of the observer pattern, locking and reference counting, required reengineering to improve the overall performance, stability and extensibility of MeV. A lot of this is done or at least progressing well.

    There are still quite a few things that need to be fixed and implemented before a new public release sees the light of day. We've updated our roadmap to reflect this.

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January 27, 2001
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